Proudly Serving Fort Worth & Granbury


General Questions

  1. Summer: We are open from 7:30am to 7:00 pm Monday-Saturday and 8:30am to 6:00pm on Sunday.
  2. Winter: We are open from 8:00am to 6:00 pm Monday-Saturday and 8:30am to 5:00pm on Sunday. 

Yes, we accept cash, credit, and debit cards.

We do not offer refunds for services already performed, but we are more than happy to correct the service. Our goal is to ensure that you leave satisfied every time you visit.

When you exit the tunnel, go to the left and use the vacuums along the fence.

When you exit the tunnel, go to the right and our attendants will dry your vehicle.

No, but we offer memberships that allow you to wash as often as once per day, every day.

No appointment necessary. 

Our text club is the best way to get those updates. Simply text BRIGHT to 30400. You can also find our promotions on our Facebook page.

  1. Use the messenger feature on our website by clicking on the message bubble in the bottom right corner of each page.
  2. Send us a message here.
  1. Max tire width is 13 inches.
  2. Max wheelbase width is 87 inches.
  3. Max vehicle height is 7 feet.
  1. Any “rack” devices such as luggage racks, bicycle racks or work racks.
  2. Any bicycle, wheelchair or other “rack” affixed to the rear of the vehicle. Trailer hitches should be removed before entering the car wash to ensure our equipment is able to clean the back of the vehicle.
  3. Vehicles that exceed the size requirement for vehicle height, width or tire width.
  4. Vehicles with excessive body damage.
We offer detailed Hand Wash services starting at $60.

Yes, our wash is safe for soft tops.

The short answer is NO. Brightworks advanced process will not create swirl marks or scratches on your vehicle’s finish. We have invested in the most innovative car wash equipment so that we can provide a clean, shiny car without damage, scratches, or swirl marks.

The longer answer concerning swirl marks will help you understand what they are and why we can confidently say that our equipment does NOT create swirl marks.

Here’s why we can confidently say that Brightworks Car Wash does not create swirl marks or scratches on your vehicle’s finish:

The most obvious reason is that the equipment that actually touches your vehicle rotates like a paint roller (over and over), NOT in a rotary motion. Therefore, there is no equipment present that would create a swirling pattern!

Swirl marks are circular microscopic imperfections on the surface of vehicles, best seen on black or dark blue cars when illuminated by a single light source (like the sun). They are not to be confused with cracking or spider webs, both of which lie beneath the clear coat and are a result of imperfections or micro-fracturing in the paint itself. Most cars will develop swirls, cracking, and other surface marring in their lifespans to one degree or another. These can usually be resolved or minimized with professional and regular wax treatments.

The most common reason people notice swirls after a wash is because, well, a really good wash! Once the layers of dirt and buildup are washed away, the underlying defects are exposed and often times magnified. 



Membership Questions

With our Unlimited Plan you are able to get a phenomenal value for your car wash dollar, and you can wash your car once a day every day.

Yes, our Unlimited Plan members can wash at all of our locations.

After your purchase, your car windshield must be fitted with an RFID tag. On your future visits, you will use the Member Only lane, and as your vehicle approaches the pay station, our RFID tag reader acknowledges your identity. The entrance gate then rises automatically, and you will proceed to the wash with no delays.

Your credit card / debit will automatically be charged every month, until your membership is cancelled.

All cancellations must be made 10 days prior to the anniversary billing date by contacting us here.

We do not offer refunds for BrightPass Memberships. 

You can update your credit card by clicking here.

No, memberships are vehicle specific.

You can change your plan anytime by clicking here.

You can bring your new car to the wash, and we will give you a new RFID sticker and apply it to your windshield.

Your card will be charged on the day of purchase each month. For example, if you sign up on June 13th, your next charge will be on July 13th .

Cancellations must be made 10 days in advance of your recharge date to avoid the following credit card charge.

Unfortunately, the membership is a recurring charge and requires a credit or debit card to be on file.

We offer Wash Cards which allow the flexibility to utilize our services on any vehicle.

All you have to do is pull into the right lane and a Service Advisor will assist you. Interior upgrades start at $20, and you can see all of our services here.