The Future is Bright.

Brightworks Car Wash is engineered with state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly materials to give you the best car wash experience possible. At Brightworks Car Wash, we’re here to brighten your car and brighten your day.

The Brightworks Difference

Just like a clean shave or freshly washed sheets, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a clean car. At Brightworks Car Wash, we are dedicated to providing you with that refreshing and enjoyable feeling that should come with getting your car washed.

We go the extra mile, using premium technology and products that really work. We don’t just use a generic soap, but a premium foaming polish that will deep clean and condition your vehicle and leave it smelling fresh. We don’t just clean the outside of your vehicle, but we also offer an interior cleaning service to ensure your vehicle is spotless from the inside out.

We don’t just want to leave you with a clean car… we’re here to brighten your car and brighten your day.

Community Involvement

We're here to help you shine.

At Brightworks, we are committed to giving back to the Granbury community through donations, community involvement, and environmentally friendly actions. Interested in partnering with us?

Eco Friendly

Washing at Brightworks keeps our environment clean.

Did you know washing your car at Brightworks is much better for the environment than washing your car at home? Brightworks Car Wash uses advanced water reclamation technology to conserve and recycle water. Water used in our wash is captured in reclaim tanks for future use in the car wash. Water that is not re-used is sent to water treatment facilities to be properly treated before being released into the environment. When you wash at home, debris and chemicals you wash from your car flow directly into storm drains, which can end up in local waterways and harming wildlife.

Having a clean car shouldn’t mean sacrificing the cleanliness of the environment… with Brightworks you can have both!

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Wash Every Day For as Low As $14.99 a Month

Go Unlimited!

Wash Every Day For as Low as $14.99 a Month

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