Unlimited Exterior Club

Elevate your car wash experience with Brightworks Unlimited Exterior Club.

It’s simple – pay one monthly fee and you can wash once daily as often as you like. It’s convenient and hassle-free, you’ll save money with every wash, and you’ll get your 13th month free with The Works and The Shine memberships! Not to mention, you’ll have an envy-inducing clean car. Get ready for some jealous stares.

Your Car Deserves The Works!

This wash includes everything you need to keep your car spotless & protected - and with our unlimited exterior club you have access to our most premium wash once daily anytime you like! Plus, with The Works unlimited exterior membership, you also get interior cleanings for only $15 per visit, which is $5 off our regular price!


Please clean out truck beds & remove hitches prior to entering wash. Thank you!



How do we conserve water?
Brightworks uses advanced water reclamation technology to conserve and recycle water. Learn more here.
Why choose Brightworks?
Brightworks is not your average car wash. We use industry-leading technology and strive to provide you with the best car wash experience possible. We also offer interior cleaning services, so you can leave with a vehicle that is clean inside and out.
Where can I purchase washes?
You can purchase single washes or unlimited wash memberships online by clicking here, or by visiting Brightworks Car Wash.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership online by clicking here, or by visiting Brightworks Car Wash.